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Find the Eyeballs Halloween Sensory Activity

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, behind Christmas and birthdays, and for our family Halloween begins as soon as September does! To keep the spooky spirit going for two straight months, over the years I’ve come up with lots of crafts and activities to encourage the spooky spirit in Munchkin, as well as throw…… Continue reading Find the Eyeballs Halloween Sensory Activity

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Build Your Own Scarecrow Fall Craft

We LOVE fall in our house, and one of the best parts of fall is the plethora of craft ideas available! Last year was the first year he was kind of “crafty” during the fall, and I loved making fun paper crafts for him. This year he’s even more capable of doing crafts, and they’re…… Continue reading Build Your Own Scarecrow Fall Craft

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Balloon Catch – Gross Motor Activity

Having a fairly high-energy preschooler can make you realize just how important gross motor activities can be. While most summers I’ve been able to just kind of spend the day outdoors with Munchkin, letting him run and hop and be wild, this summer we’ve been trying to find some more indoor activities, since Baby Nephew…… Continue reading Balloon Catch – Gross Motor Activity