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Free Crochet Pattern: Fall Pumpkin

When I was in ninth grade, I learned that I could develop my few crochet skills my great-grandmother had taught me, and learn to crochet more than just wonky scarves, thanks to the vast world of the internet. In 2009, there weren’t as many resources for learning crochet as there are now, but there was…… Continue reading Free Crochet Pattern: Fall Pumpkin

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Our Favorite Halloween Books for Kids!

“We love reading any time of year, but we definitely have a special penchant in our heart for holiday books! When Munchkin was a bit shy of two, we took a semi-vacation where we stayed in a hotel in a nearby city for a week, and just kind of wandered around between playing at the…… Continue reading Our Favorite Halloween Books for Kids!

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Build Your Own Scarecrow Fall Craft

We LOVE fall in our house, and one of the best parts of fall is the plethora of craft ideas available! Last year was the first year he was kind of “crafty” during the fall, and I loved making fun paper crafts for him. This year he’s even more capable of doing crafts, and they’re…… Continue reading Build Your Own Scarecrow Fall Craft