May 2018 Blog Traffic Report

May was my second month of serious blogging, and it was a really great month! I didn’t have any goals set for this month, but if I did, they probably would have been blown out of the water!

I’ll get into the details in a minute, but I want to start by saying that in May I quadrupled my number of views, and had seven times the number of viewers.

I’m honestly still in shock! While I’m still definitely a small blog, being able to grow so much in just a month has been incredible! It’s very encouraging and a great reminder that with real work and effort, I can turn this blog into my job! I’d love to do that, and now it’ll take quite a bit of time still (since I don’t exactly have a lot of seed money and am currently using a free blog still.)

I’m especially relieved to see such growth since I spent the entire month miserably sick. I found out after nearly four weeks of fevers and exhaustion that I had pneumonia, and have been trying to get back up to normal operating power since then. I was really concerned my posts wouldn’t be of great quality since I’ve felt like garbage, but my hard work has paid off, despite my crappy body!

So let’s get started!

May Blog Traffic Report

First, I have the bare bones of my stats: The overall views, visitors, likes, and comments on All I Do is Hang Out With My Kid.

May 2018 Blog Traffic Report

Like I said, I’m a tiny blog compared to the big ones out there. But I saw really great growth last month! In April I had 118 views overall, and 52 visitors.

In May I had 515 views and 374 visitors. That’s really great growth for just one month! I was hoping to maybe double my views and visitors, and I wound up doing way better than I thought!

A lot of this was due to two posts getting fairly popular on Pinterest. On May 3rd, my post 3 Fun Ways to Teach Shapes to Your Preschooler gained me a LOT of views. And right at the end of the month, my post 4 Easy Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Children got very very popular, and for several days I had almost exponential growth due to traffic from that one post!

May 2018 Blog Traffic Report
You can see the week of April 30th the spike from one post, and the last two weeks the other spike.

I’m hoping to keep that kind of momentum with future posts, now that I’m finding what posts do well and what don’t.

May 2018 Blog Traffic Report

Pinterest was by far my biggest source of traffic for May! It accounted for over half of my traffic, which is really exciting because I knew already that Pinterest was vital for bloggers, and seeing my work on Pinterest pay off is really awesome!

My most popular posts were:

4 Easy Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Children

9 Things I’d Wish I’d Known My First Year As a Mom

3 Fun Ways to Teach Shapes to Your Preschooler

Again, my posts weren’t evenly popular (my 3 most popular posts made up more than half of my traffic), but even my poorer performing posts did about as well as my most popular posts in April.

Like I mentioned, Pinterest has been vital for me. I’ve been working hard on manually pinning every day, and I have tried (though so far haven’t been successful) to join some group boards. (By the way, I do run a board called Mom Blog Board, for anyone who is looking for a new board to join and post their own blog posts!)

May 2018 Blog Traffic Report

I’m still seeing a lot of crazy dips in my traffic, but I think that’s pretty normal when you’re almost primarily manually pinning and have been sick for a month. Some days I’m not pinning as much as I should, but I’m making sure to do at least some pinning every day.

May 2018 Blog Traffic Report

My daily impressions have grown insanely. Unfortunately, this hasn’t translated to as many new followers as I’d like (though I do believe I doubled my followers from about 50-55 at the end of April, to 111 followers now).

May 2018 Blog Traffic Report

You can see the spikes in activity from my site due to the popular pins. Even after the spikes drop, there’s still obvious sustained growth in activity, which is really great! Even if it’s slow growth, I’m so excited to see my work paying off!

Other traffic reports:

So for this month I do have some goals! They’re not huge, but I think they’ll be important to work toward.

For June I hope to:

  • Get 1000 views
  • Get 200 followers on Pinterest
  • Put together a small coloring page pack to sell on Etsy

The last one is my most important goal to me honestly. I’d love to earn a little something from this blog, and currently I can’t legally do that through affiliate marketing per WordPress’s Terms and Conditions. I plan on saving everything earned through Etsy to pay for my domain name and move over to BlueHost. Since I don’t have seed money for the blog, this is really important to move me from a free blog to a money-making blog!

Well that’s it for now! Hopefully my next traffic report will be even more exciting!

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