April 2018 Blog Traffic Report

April was my first real month blogging, and while I know my traffic report will seem very small compared to many blogs (especially full-time income generating blogs), for me it was enough to encourage me to keep pushing forward with this blog so I can reach my goals!

My dream, of course, is to make blogging my job. Being able to work from home and provide for my family would be amazing. I know this won’t happen overnight, but I am encouraged to keep going, no matter how long it takes!

I will be providing traffic reports from my WordPress statistics and my Pinterest statistics. While I also use Instagram and Facebook, so far neither of those have been big for my blog yet, so I’m focusing on my two main traffic providers.

I am definitely glad I researched before starting this blog! Pinterest has truly been great for gaining interest, and I’m sure the more I use it, the more it’ll help!


So let’s get started!

First, I have the bare bones of my stats: The overall views, visitors, likes, and comments on All I Do is Hang Out With My Kid.Screenshot (8)

Like I said, it’s not exactly impressive compared to established blogs, or even some that are fresh starting out. But I am honestly satisfied! I feel for a first month, with a free site, it’s not bad! I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of traffic I’d be generating, since I started midway through the month and haven’t been doing all the things I could be to generate traffic. But I think this is a great start for me.


Most of my traffic so far is through WordPress, but Facebook and Pinterest have been helping drive some traffic as well! Unfortunately my Facebook page isn’t incredibly popular, so it hasn’t been a consistent source of traffic yet.

Screenshot (6)

My blog posts haven’t been evenly popular, and honestly the ones I thought would be big generators of traffic did much poorer than planned! But, it’s teaching me what kind of things my readers are interested in, so I can plan my future content accordingly.

Pinterest has really been vital for me. It’s beginning to become my main source of traffic (which I’ll discuss in my May report), and since I began pinning with the intent of gaining traffic and followers, I’ve seen a ton of increased activity I definitely was not expecting for my first month!

Screenshot (1)

Unfortunately, you can definitely tell the days I haven’t been as active as I should. At the end of the month our house got sick, and I wasn’t pinning nearly as much as I should have been!

Screenshot (3)Screenshot (4)Screenshot (5)

But you can still tell the obvious increase in traffic I’ve managed to gain so far! I only imagine it will continue to grow the more I learn the ropes of Pinterest (and start using Tailwind!)


So to wrap it all up, I’m pretty satisfied with how April went. In a couple of weeks I’ll write a post about my first full month of blogging, and what I’ve learned so far. I’m looking forward to May’s traffic report, and hopefully in a few months I’ll have the pleasure of writing monthly income reports as well!

5 thoughts on “April 2018 Blog Traffic Report

    1. Thank you!! I still read so many traffic and income reports, because it’s encouraging to see how people grow over time! I’m very fortunate that I’ve yet to experience any burnout, and I think researching so many blogs before seriously blogging helped so much with that!
      Pinterest has been such a big help! I can’t imagine finding any success without it!!

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